Privacy Policy

Young Romantics and Young Romantics Prom and their associated titles will herein be described as 'we', 'us' or 'our', for the purpose of this notice. The visitor or customer will herein be described as 'you'.

Our privacy policy is applicable to all visitors of our web sites and social media sites, and any communications made by us, Young Romantics, to you, the customer/visitor, as a result. It explains how we use and collect your data. 

By visiting our web sites and/or social media sites, you accept and consent to the storage of your data as described in this policy, knowing that any data will be securely held by us in compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Personal Data we may hold:

User Data

We may process your data if it relates to how you use our online services, how you use our web sites, and any data you publish online, on our web sites or social media sites such as social media posts, providing it is relative to the proper administration of our web sites and our business(es).

Communication Data

Meaning any communication you send to us. This includes social media messaging, email, text messages, use of the contact form, social media posting and other. This data will be processed to communicate with you. Records may be kept for our own legitimate interests which may be for the establishment, pursuance or defence of legal claims. We may keep records for reasons relative to the functioning of the business but will hold them for no longer than is deemed necessary.

Customer Data

When you pay for goods or services from us, you are entering into a contract with us at your request. In meeting the needs to perform this contract or to perform this contract we may hold data relating o any purchases of services/ goods such as your name, title, billing address, delivery address, email address, phone number, contact details and purchase details.

Marketing Data

Your requests for communications and marketing materials to be accepted or rejected will be respected in accordance with GDPR. Your preferences will be stored so we can comply. Where you accept or where the explicit request to reject marketing and/or communications is absent, advertising will be kept relevant. Your data will be held for us to research and develop our businesses.

Technical Data

Technical data, statistical data, your IP address, your login information where applicable, browser type or version and plug in types, operating system and platform, length of visit to pages on our web site, page views and navigation paths, details about the number of times you visit our web sites and other technology on the devices you use to access our web sites may be held by the hosts of our web sites and social media pages which in turn provide us with the information we need to properly administer our web sites and our business. Example of these hosts may be, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and other search engines. Your ISP or service provider will have their own privacy policies which will state how they use your technical data. Where this information is passed on to us, we will not make your technical data personally identifiable. Where relevant this information is also used for our own market research and advertising purposes.

Sensitive Data

Data relating to gender, race, religion, health, sexual orientation or beliefs are not not collected.

Financial Data

We will pass on the necessary details to our card transactions provider or bank only where it is necessary to process a payment. These details may include your bank card number, sort code and other associated but will only be kept in accordance with the needs of processing your payment.

Photographic Data

Photographs will be taken and stored as evidence of delivered and returned items, with date marks, which may include an image of your doorstep, door or safe place. These images are likely to be held by us, and also the courier of your item, for only as long as deemed necessary to complete the order in that you are satisfied.


Our web sites use cookies necessary to monitor and analyse performance, operation and effectiveness of the web site host. You can disable cookies in your browser settings but some functions of the web site may fail to be effective.

Links to other Web Sites

Once you click on a link to another web site you will be redirected to that web site and no longer protected by this privacy policy, unless you are redirected to another of our own web sites. In this instance, a copy of this notice can be found on all of our sites.

Your Rights

If you  require access to the information we hold relating to you, please contact us. Please note: we cannot divulge any information to you if it relates to another individual or third party without their consent.

Your legal rights affecting how you can control how your data is collected, stored and used can be obtained by visiting